Bush Ranger Helmet Clock


Bush Ranger Helmet Clock

Firstly the Helmet Clock is hand forged with bullet indentations for a more authentic look.  The clocks are then spay painted, air brushed and hand painted individually.  Most importantly the clock is lightweight and features a quality battery operated mechanism.

Each Bush Ranger Helmet clock is individually crafted and will vary slightly from the next.  This Helmet Clock will enhance the wall of every collector and because the clock is hued in rustic earthy tones makes it ideal for any decor.

Collectors and enthusiasts of this era, enjoy the originality of these pieces therefore making an extremely popular item.

The face of the clock sits on the front and the mechanism is housed in the rear, of the Helmet.

Varied styled Bush Ranger Clocks, including a Helmet Clock with base, can be purchased from our web shop


size: length 24cm; width 21.5cm