Grant Biffin, principal of Cast From Dungeon fx, is a specialist mould maker, sculptor, prop maker, and makeup effects artist. Grant continually works at perfecting his art, particularly his sculpting and mould making skills, aided by having worked in the movie and television industries in Australia for over 30 years.

Grant’s passions are sculpting and moulding among other artistic pursuits and lives to create his full-sized 1:1 Busts, Model Kits (coming soon), Clocks, Plaques and Key Rings (coming soon). His head is always full of creations and there are never enough hours in the day to let his hands catch up.

Grant has always been a fan of the Universal and Hammer Horror films and the Horror genre in general and has collected associated items since he was young. His love of Sci-Fi began the day he saw Star Wars as a pre teen which set him on the road to an extensive Star Wars collection as well and that same day was also when the seed for a Makeup Effects career was planted.

Grant’s Zombie, Gorilla, Wolf, Nosferatu and other products have sold at Chiller Theatre in New Jersey and 2016 at Son of Monsterpolooza.

His model kits (available on the website soon) have been featured in “Amazing Figure Modeller”,”Kitbuilders” and “Modellers Resource” magazines.

Grant travelled to USA and Asia to source unique products for his range of high quality Sterling Silver Biker jewellery for sale at special events and through his website (soon).