Grant Biffin has been working in the Make Up effects industry within Australia for over 30 years and he has extensive experience with film and television work.  He has worked and continues to work on many Movie Blockbusters as well as Short Films and Television advertisements a list of which you will find in his CV.

Grant’s skills as a Sculptor have involved him working with hard poly foam products, life casts, creatures, animals and products for this website. His work as a Mould Maker (which is where he has made his niche) has included workings with Fibreglass Moulds, Jacket Moulds and Box Moulds, his Makeup effects have been featured in movies and TV.

Make Up effects teaching at Three Arts College was a very special time for Grant and in turn enhanced his already extensive experience.

Grant is available for work as a  Mould Maker, Prop Maker, Sculptor or for Make Up effects within the industry and his extensive experience can be viewed on his attached CV.

If you have any enquiries for Grant please contact him initially on info@castfromdungeonfx.com


Grant Biffin CV