London After Midnight Bust


London after Midnight

The London aft Midnight bust is created from fibreglass resin and extremely detailed.   The bust is a tribute to  the main character in the movie of the same name.  Fans of the classic horror movies and horror enthusiasts young and old love this piece.

Each bust is hand sculptured then moulded, hand painted and air brushed by Grant.

This bust is also available in our web store as a Plaque.

This bust is designed for those who are enthusiastic about intense items with intricate detail, it is extremely lightweight and therefore perfect for placing on any surface.

The story behind this piece….”London after Midnight” was a 1927 Lon Chaney horror classic film.  The film unfortunately was lost in fire at MGM Studios in 1967. While the movie has been lost to the horror enthusiast, this bust and the plaque alike were made with passion and respect to continue on the memory of this classic film.

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This price of this Bust includes worldwide shipping and is also available in kit form.