Bush Ranger Helmet with Base


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Bush Ranger Helmet Clock with Base

The Bush Ranger Helmet clock is made from aluminium in the style of a Ned Kelly Helmet.  The helmet is attached to the base and has bullet indentations in it.  The clock face sits on the base.  The base is made of resin and has a wood grain finish.  The clock is  lightweight and therefore, good for hanging on the wall.  It features a quality battery operated mechanism which is attached at the rear of the base.

This Bushranger Helmet Clock is a very popular product with fans of Australia’s Bushranger history.   It hangs in the home of many history enthusiasts around the country.

Each clock is individually hand made (bullet indentations included) in aluminium.   It is then attached to a wood grain base where  the clock and mechanism are attached.  The helmet is spray painted and the wood grain finish applied to the base.

The Bushranger Helmet is also available without base. With this model, the clock face is on the front of the helmet and mechanism is attached behind the helmet.

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size: length 40cm; width 22cm


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