3D Timber Wolf Plaque


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Timber Wolf Plaque.

This Timber Wolf Plaque is intricately sculpted by Grant before he moulds and casts the plaque.  The eyes (as in all the creatures on the site) are hand poured and painted, the teeth are also produced the same way.  This has been well researched and is painted in grey tones to keep it as life-like as possible.

The back of the plaque is hollow sits flat against the wall.  The wolf appears to be snarling and gives the appearance it is ready to attack.  This item is extremely popular and will be the talk of any gathering.

This Timber Wolf Plaque is made from lightweight fibreglass resin and comes complete with inbuilt easy hanging and apart from being life like it is an very extraordinary piece, one anyone would be glad to have.  We have sold this product to be showcased in homes, man/woman caves, tattoo parlours and offices to name a few.

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The Timber Wolf Plaque is 1:1 scale.

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Weight 1.800 g
Dimensions 22 × 33 × 53 cm


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