Nosferatu Coffin Plaque

In 1922, the horror vampire movie Nosferatu, was released.  The film was an unauthorised adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The heirs of Bram Stoker, took legal action against the makers of Nosferatu,  because of there are strong similarities between the two films.  The court determined the unauthorised film was to be destroyed, (although they managed to save a few copies).

The remaining copies of the movie were released to eventually become a classic, one which has come to be regarded as a masterpiece of cinema. Even now, the film has many fans world wide and an avid cult following.  This plaque was created as a hommage to a great horror character, in a film that thousands nearly didn’t see.

The plaque features the grey menacing vampire, bursting through a black coffin door.  His eyes are dark and penetrating and the nails, which are detachable, mimic those of the original character.

Grant’s has been a life long fan of horror movies, particularly the classics.  His enthusiasm and respect for his creations are never more evidenced than in this Nosferatu plaque.  He painstakingly sculpts the creature and coffin to produce the plaque.  The eyes and teeth are made from resin, by Grant, as are the nails.

The plaque is made from lightweight polyurethane resin and comes compete with wall hanging.

size: Face and fingers 1:1 scale – length 43cm; width 24cm